The Boy Named Way: Infiltrating the Castle

Ripley J. Cloud
8 min readSep 24, 2021
Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

The boy named Way knew that he must save his village. He needed to find a way to infiltrate Vultar’s castle. He hid behind a tree, at the edge of the forest, out of the sight of the castle's many guards. The dark castle loomed, like the shadow of a mountain. The grand turrets poking at the ominous gray clouds. He looked down at the sword on his waist, that his mother had given him. He was a thoughtful boy, just like his half-god father, Renwar. He pondered, reasonably and earnestly, about this dire situation.

There could be no mistakes, no uncalculated risks. His father's life and the future of the whole village was on his shoulders alone. Here he was, a thirteen-year-old boy, taking on Vultar, his guards and goons. He must be very smart about it, he knew, or he could be easily captured.

He also knew that he was born for this moment. With his long, curly, golden locks and chiseled features, he looked like the child of an angel. But inside, he felt the bravery of a knight and warrior, growing stronger every day. It was in his lineage of gods and humans, who had all fallen in love and created a long line of half-gods. But all this was new to him, and he could not know the ancestral power within him.

He leaned his head back, on the ancient tree and closed his majestic blue eyes. He prayed for an answer to come into his mind. For a thirteen-year-old boy, this all seemed an impossible feat. He had only just read about his half-god powers, that he inherited from his father, whom had been captured by Vultar. But what good was it all if he had no idea how his power worked?

In a letter, he had learned that his father had been captured and been taken prisoner the very day he was born. He learned of an alien slave, that Vultar owned, with special magnetic knowledge from another planet. The alien was forced to construct a machine, which was able to suck his father's half-god powers out and trap them in a glass vial. Vultar wore the vial around his neck and kept Way’s father in his dungeon, drained of his power.

Way knew he had to get into the castle to find his father. His father could instruct him on how to use his power. He would get that glass vial from Vultar’s…



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