A Dragon Named Cancer

Ripley J. Cloud
12 min readAug 16, 2021
Photo by Tim Rebkavets on Unsplash

Seven-year-old Jessica had just finished her last round of chemo. She wasn't feeling well after, so she lay for a spell on a hospital bed to rest. Her parents were at her bedside, her mother lovingly stroking her hair as she fell asleep. They soon realized that something was not right. Jessica did not wake up and the nurses were whispering whilst fretting about her bedside. It wasn't long before a solemn looking doctor shuffled them out toward a waiting room. Appearing a while later, he explained that their daughter had not just fallen asleep but was in a deep coma.

Jessicas heartbroken parents could do nothing other than sob and hold each other. No one knew what poor Jessicas outcome would be. So, they sat there loyally day after day loving her from her bedside. They talked to her and prayed every day, all day.

Meanwhile, little Jessica knew nothing of the sad plight, as she had found herself suddenly in the middle of a lovely forest! The trees were so inviting with their warm bark! She could almost hear them breathing as if they were alive, like her. Maybe they even had thoughts and dreams and hopes like her!

She giggled, twirling around, while looking up into their branches. Their leaves were so green that they looked like hundreds of emeralds dangling above her! The sun sparkled through them, lighting them up like rainbow prisms. This forest was so beautiful, and she felt so good! She didn't feel sick or weak at all!

She skipped along the path, until she reached a clearing in the trees. Ahead was a vast, green valley with a little primitive looking village. She took a couple steps toward the village and heard a crunching, munching sound. She saw brown fur between the trees and just knew it must be a deer! She adored deer, so she crept up and hid behind a tree. Her green eyes grew huge, and she sucked in a loud gasp. It was a bunny the size of a small car! She couldn’t believe it because bunnies were her absolute favorite animal!

The bunny heard her and raised its head from feeding on the grass. “Who goes there?” the bunny asked with a British accent.
She giggled and popped out from behind the tree.
“Oh, just you,”…



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